Conan Rules

1. each clan is allowed to build only one base on one of the three servers. The demon portals are forbidden. Moves must be announced.
(except for farm bases every clan is allowed to build a farm base on the other server where they don't have a mainbase, this base must not be bigger than 30 foundations and must be in the countersigned area on the respective server).

2. each player must create a clan.
(This is necessary to keep the server as trouble free as possible)

3. portstones, dungeon's, merchants, bosses, animal babies etc. must not be built on ! Each clan is only allowed to set one map room.

4. use pillars and cover plates. Does not exceed the number of foundations over 3 (on top of each other).On sighting this will be torn down without a word. It leads otherwise to massive lags. Avoids using foundations whenever possible. Large projects must be registered.
Staking out / marking of areas is forbidden!

5. bugusing is forbidden! If this is observed, a timeout will follow !

6. in the nameless city or in dungeons may NOT be built also no slave wheels !

7a.    Slave wheels : There may be only 1 ACTIVE slave wheel outside Base and must be labeled with date when it was placed. If this is no longer needed, it MUST be removed. If this is not the case, it will be torn down without a word and will not be replaced.
7b. Altars may only be placed in Base.

8. factions : You may change factions at any time. However, only by deleting the current character, this is done with ESC and on Char. Restore. EVERYTHING you wear on your body will be lost, ATTENTION: No replacement ! You have to start from level 1 again. There is NO level boost from the admin's side ! Remember, you lose EVERYTHING. If you are in a clan you have to be invited again ! ATTENTION: Clan-Lead may have to be surrendered. ( AoC )

9. chests and production sites must be locked (actually everything), theft will be punished with ban.
10. outposts must not be built on ! ( EEWA )

11. if a player has not played actively on the server for 2 weeks all things in their possession will be deleted, if the clan is empty (base, companions etc.) please log out if you are not there for a longer time but come back.

12. conscious dying is forbidden ! Deaths for the purpose of "going home" is forbidden. You will lose your inventory when you die, bar and armor will remain, inventory you can collect again.

13. you are not allowed to build within our markers.

14. using the debug function in the keyboard layout is forbidden!

15. in the no-build zone in the dark forest, building is strictly forbidden ! Pain wheels may be set up for a maximum of one day, after that they will be torn down without a word.

16. the contact with other community members should always be friendly. Insults or swear words are not welcome on this server, and will be punished with penalties.